What We Do

The Empty Cupboard Club focuses on food and fitness. To feel strong and capable, to move with ease, and to look your best, you must live a lifestyle that enables you to exude that every day. You must put good in to get good out.

The ECC helps make life easier by providing great tasting, fresh, nutrient dense, fully prepared meals delivered to you.  We do all the planning, prepping, and cooking for you.  This means you can save time for things that matter most to you.  Each meal is created to enhance performance, de-stress the body with anti-inflammatory foods, and positively influence the look and feel of your body.

In addition to great tasting meals, we offer a way to burn it all off.  Whether your goal is to get stronger, faster, leaner, get relief from every day aches and pains, or simply incorporate physical activity into your life, individualized workout plans can be created for you.  Workouts are accessed online and can be performed whenever your schedule permits.  Each exercise is accompanied with a descriptive video as well as weight and rep recommendations.  An in app messaging system allows for direct communication with your trainer before, during, or after workouts.  You get all the benefits of a personal trainer without the expense or scheduling challenges.

We believe one of the most powerful things we can do for our community is provide them with the knowledge to lead healthy, fit lives.  The Empty Cupboard Club strives to educate and empower it’s members to lead happy, purpose driven lives.   


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