Who We Are

After years of floundering in a career I was unhappy with and consistently turning to my love of food and fitness to fulfill me outside of my life in the corporate world, I turned fitness into a career.  But in the midst of building my business, I found myself stressed, over worked, and eventually sick.  It occurred to me that something was missing – many things were missing actually.  Like so many people, I wasn’t sleeping enough, managing my stress, or taking care of my body and mind in a meaningful way.  Working long hours, I would come home to an empty kitchen and just a few hours to sleep.  Something had to change.  So I got back in the kitchen to restore my health through nutrition and a passion for creating something delicious.  And thus The Empty Cupboard Club began in October 2013.  It started with a small idea to share my food and personal training expertise with friends and family.  It turns out I was not alone in my desire for change and to feel good again.  Since first founding The Empty Cupboard Club, I have been fortunate enough to share with so many more.

In addition to the Empty Cupboard Club, I train at Phenomenal Fitness in Chicago’s South Loop as a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.  With a background in design and planning, I enjoy bringing  creativity to program design, attention to detail, and the ability to set and achieve a wide variety of goals to each of my clients

At the age of four, I ran my first race (I’m sure that was my parent’s doing) and have since competed in distances from 5k to 26.2, as well as triathlons. Running is my first love, although I have also built extensive experience in biking, swimming, and strength training. To share my love of running (and get ’em started young) I also coach for the Chicago chapter of Girls on the Run.

I believe an effective strength and conditioning program can enhance performance, increase overall fitness, and help create a strong body and mind.  I place a heavy emphasis on functional training, mindfulness, and making fitness and accessible part of everyone’s lifestyle.

🙂 Julia

Foodie, National Academy of Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Trainer, WKC, Certified in Applied Functional Science, VO2 Testing Administrator


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