The ECC Story

After years of floundering in a career I was unhappy with and consistently turning to my love of food and fitness to fulfill me outside of my work life, I turned fitness into a career.  But in the midst of building my business, I found myself stressed, over worked, and eventually sick.  It occurred to me that something was missing – many things were missing actually.  Like so many people, I wasn’t sleeping enough, managing my stress, or taking care of my body and mind in a meaningful way. Working long hours, I would come home to an empty kitchen and just a few hours to sleep. Something had to change.  So I got back in the kitchen to restore my health through nutrition and a passion for creating something delicious.  And thus The Empty Cupboard Club began in October 2013.  It started with a small idea to share my food and personal training expertise with friends and family.  It turns out I was not alone in my desire for change and to feel good again.  Since then I have been fortunate enough to share with so many more.


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